NEW TO THE APP THIS WEEK: Jaida Hall, Gigi Goode, Jackie Cox, Landon Cider (AND MORE!)

We are back, back, back again! And you know what that means – MORE DRAG TO WHET YOUR WHISTLE!

Though we might be living in intense and uncomfortable times, there’s never been more reason to support our the drag kings, queens and supermonsters we love. The LGBTQIA+ community would not be what it is today without the diversity of its citizens. So, it’s up to us to ensure that this diversity is carried on by keeping it alive.

A simple way to do that is by supporting artists we love. We’re helping you do that by staying up-to-date on all the latest Digital Drag gigs, as well as all the big tours coming back to you this fall and later on in 2021.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump in and see what all Dragr has in store for you.

These are just a few of the hundreds of new events we’ve added in the last couple of days. Keep your eyes (and your app) peeled for more soon!


  • Biqtch Puddin’s #DigitalDrag Show – July 17th
  • Crystal Methyd & Jujubee’s Wonderland Euro Tour
  • Jaida Essence Hall (presented by Holy T) – UK Tour
  • Gigi Goode (presented by Holy T) – UK Tour
  • “Spelling is F-U-N-D-AMENTAL” with Alaska and Willam – June 29th
  • FLUID by Courtney Act – (UK / European Tour)
  • Jaida Essence Hall @ B-Bob’s – Mobile, AL
  • Divina de Campo Rides Again – July 25th
  • The Chromatica Ball w/ Cheryl Hole – July 17th
  • Cooking with Cracker – July 12th
  • The Haunted Mansion w / Eva Serration, Ivy, Maddelyn Hatter and more!
  • DRAG BRUNCH by Voss Events – Las Vegas, NV

Want more great drag events? Download the world’s first drag event app here. Got a protest or town hall coming up? We’ll help you promote that too! Drag artist or entertainer that wants to sign up for a FREE profile? Click here.

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