#DIGITALDRAG Features are now live!

We might be living in the age of social-distancing, but that doesn’t mean that Dragr is down and out. We’re keeping the party going right into the digital sphere with our latest update.

With our new digital drag features, you can save the digital and online events of all your favorites. Tune in live to watch them stun, then tip those doll-hairs so they can do it all again.

Dragr’s #DIGITALDRAG features help you keep all your links in one place. Share them with friends, and tune in as your favorite drag artists shake it all out from around the globe (and the safety of their own home).

Our new #DigitalDrag features now live on iOS! Get on the App Store and download that latest updated version of the Dragr app to keep up with all the latest online events.

Artist? Add a gig to your profile here.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates.

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