NEW TO THE APP THIS WEEK: Yvie Oddly, Jan, Plastique Tiara, Chai, Kirsten Daniels, and more!

We are back, back, back again! And you know what that means – MORE DRAG TO WHET YOUR WHISTLE!

This week we saw the return of live gigs across the US, as well as a number of new digital events from the U.K., Europe, and beyond. As things slowly rumble back to a new standard of “normal” we’ll have event more events for you, and even more updates on your favorite international and local entertainers and artists.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump in and see what all Dragr has in store for you. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of new events we’ve added in the last couple of days. Keep your eyes (and your app) peeled for more soon!


  • A Cocktail with the Queens ft. Yvie Oddly – Chattanooga, TN
  • JINKX Sings Everything – Ontario, CAN
  • Life in Plastique – Montreal, CAN
  • All Ages Drag Brunch ft. Kirsten Daniels – Colorado Springs
  • Carry on Drag Festival ft. Chai – London, UK
  • Biqtch Puddin’s Digital Drag Show – ONLINE
  • Drag Brunch ft. Shannel, Coco Montrese, Kahanna Montrese and more.
  • THE QUEENS OF CANADA’S DRAG RACE! (That’s right – get ’em while they’re golden!)

Want more great drag events? Download the world’s first drag event app here. Got a protest or town hall coming up? We’ll help you promote that too! Drag artist or entertainer that wants to sign up for a FREE profile? Click here

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