Hold Onto Those Cheekbones: Trixie Mattel’s new makeup line is coming


If you thought last year’s Trixie palette from Sugarpill was good, then get ready to hold onto those cheekbones. Trixie Mattel is launching her own cosmetics line and it’s got the beauty gurus quaking.

Mattel announced the launch of her new cosmetics line on Twitter this Wednesday by first sharing a mysterious image of a drop-dead sickening hand. In it was a Barbie pink phone and behind was what appeared to be Trixie approved blinds in muted shades of blue and pink.

Later, World of Wonder tweeted that Mattel would be debuting a new line exclusively at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles on May 24th, where Trixie stans and makeup enthusiasts would be able to get their hands on the new line before anyone else.

The self-proclaimed skinny legend hasn’t spilled any more tea about her new cosmetics kingdom, but she did crack a joke on twitter that her “days as a receptionist are over / have just begun.”

Mattel sits atop a wildly successful career of hits like UNHhhh along side her Drag Race success, so it seems only natural that she continue to round out her shiny pink empire. With multiple stand-up tours, a full-fledged career in folk music and a documentary that just premiered at Tribeca under her belt, one thing is for sure: we’ve barely scratched the surface on this do-it all queen.

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