Save the date…your faves are going digital

We live now in the age of COVID-19 and are being faced with the idea of an entirely new future. All around the world, countries are locking-down and breaking out the emergency protocols – and with it the cancellations are stacking up. Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, and your favorite drag entertainers are being forced to go digital.

We’re making the commitment to keep you connected during this chaotic time and that starts with helping you get the scoop on what your favorites are doing to cope.

Dragr will be unrolling a #DigitalDrag update that allows you to keep up with all the latest online shows being put on by drag performers across the game.

Visit the artist profiles of your favorite entertainers, and save all their digital dates so you don’t miss out on a thing. Whether they’re on Twitch, Instagram or Facebook LIVE – we’ll have the links you want and the times you need to get into the gig…online!

Artists, there is a new easy-to-use form that allows you to keep us updated on everything going on in your new online world. Add a digital event, give us the inside scoop, and let your fans know what performers will be joining you online.

We understand that this is a scary and fluid time for everyone, so we’re committed to helping our independent artists thrive in whatever way they can.

No matter what comes next, Dragr is going to being there to support and bolster the community we love so much. Check back regularly for up-to-date information and new gigs and online-performances being added all the time.

Have information on an upcoming digital drag performance? Send us a tip here.

2 thoughts on “Save the date…your faves are going digital

  1. Is there any way y’all can link the digital drag time & app info to the gigs page? Maybe you already have & I don’t know how to access it. It’d be cool to be able to see what shows are available today or coming up soon… City doesn’t matter, but a centralized calendar would be very helpful.


    1. Hi Sara – thanks for reaching out! Keep your eyes peeled for a new update which will be coming to the app store soon. We’ll have some new features that will help you with this! Let us know if there’s any other way we can improve the app –


      The Dragr Team


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