The best ways to promote your Dragr profile

A free Dragr artist profile is one of the best ways you can find the fans that matter and increase your visibility as a drag performer. Doing that takes a little bit of work, though, and it takes a little bit of know-how. So, we’re put together a short and simple guide that will help you get started.

Promoting Your Dragr Profile (the right way…)

1. Create a free profile

First, create your FREE artist profile by contacting our on-boarding team via our artist site. Once you’ve filled out your form and sent through all your gigs – your profile will go live on the app within 1-2 business days.

2. Keep your gigs up-to-date

It’s easier than ever to keep your gigs up-to-date. Simply use our easy online form to add your gigs on-the-go and keep your profile current. Don’t force your fans to work hard just to find you. Update your profile and find the fans that matter.

3. Local shoutouts

Nights out are a great time to connect with your fans, but it’s also a great opportunity to let them know about your Dragr profile. Give them a shoutout after your performances, and use your 15 minutes of fame to let them know there’s an even easier way to save, share and track all your gigs!

4. Request promotional materials

We can help you promote your place on the app with a number of free promotional materials that you can hand out in venues and at performances. If you’d like to help your local venues, artists and promoters learn more about the Dragr app – get in touch.

5. Social media blasts

Share screenshots and screen captures of your artist profile across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find new fans and connect with other artists using the #MadeForDrag hashtag. For the best engagement, utilize video to connect with fans who really want to experience your art.

6. Werkin’ It Out

Told all your friends but still looking to get more out of your Dragr app experience? Get that extra ‘oomph you’re looking for by scoring an exclusive ‘Werkin’ it Out’ feature interview. Wow your fans and help new fans learn more about you and what makes you tick as an artist. Interested? Get in touch.

7. Follow Dragr on social media

If you follow Dragr on social media (@DragrHQ) you can tag us in your events to get an even bigger signal boost. We love helping our artists gain even more visibility, so we’re happy to share and promote confirmed events across our social media platforms and on our blog. If you’ve got an event that you think could use the extra promotion – reach out via our artist site.


We have a ton of exciting new features coming this year, including individual artist logins, push notifications and more. Have more great thoughts on how we can increase your artist visibility? Let us know! We’re always looking for great ideas and talents individuals to help make Dragr the powerful community tool it was meant to be.

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