The Dragr Network is HERE

It’s a new year and we’re so excited to share a ton of new features and updates which both improve your experience on the app, and help to serve the community in greater ways. ¬†Among these innovations is The Dragr Network – a new digital promotion and networking opportunity that makes it even easier for queer and allied brands to get the visibility they deserve.

But what does that mean?

Well, for our users and our artists it means never being bombarded with Google Ads or other captive experiences that detract from your time on the app. It also means knowing your data is safe. For our community and all the amazing drag and LGBTQ+ companies that fill it? It means an even better way to build your brand and promote your art.

The Dragr Network creates unique digital promotional opportunities for queer and allied businesses and brands who want to reach customers with a genuine interest in their products.

That means showing drag fans the latest t-shirts from their favorite artists; or showing some of our artists the rocking new platforms you designed especially for them. We’re committed to never flooding our platform with unwanted, unnecessary, or unhelpful content and that starts with the network we’ve created.

brand quotes

The Dragr Network also comprises an online community that allows you to educate yourself on the ever-changing landscape that is digital marketing, while making new connections with other queer and allied business owners. In addition, you gain lifetime access to Dragr’s extensive library of digital promotional knowledge – an invaluable tool that allows you to really dig into what it means to operate in a mobile landscape.

Dragr is a labor of love, built by the community and for the community. We are making a tool that not only helps us to connect with the best drag on the planet, but also helps to increase visibility for all the incredible makers and creators that make the drag scene possible.


If you’re interested in joining the Dragr Network, or if you’d like to speak with one of our Network Specialists, get in touch. Don’t let your LGBTQ+ brand get lost in the mainstream shuffle. Start promoting your business to the people who matter, and empower yourself and your company to change the world for the better.

Join the Dragr Network today.

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