Werkin’ It Out: with SHREK 666

This week, we got to know a bit more about SHREK 666 – an electric and out-of-this-world drag artist from Glasgow, Scotland. If you’re looking for creative artistry that does something different – this is the performer for you.

SHREK 666 is an artist who goes all out and works hard to create an experience that pervades the senses in all the right ways. Thankfully, we got to take a look behind the curtain and learn more about what makes this artist tick and what inspires the incredible art they bring to their fans time after time.

Find out more about SHREK 666 in this week’s “Werkin’ It Out“.

Werkin’ It Out: with SHREK 666

1. What inspired you to start doing drag? 

I wanted attention.

And transformation amongst other things. I struggled in identifying with the word drag at first for the Queen/King binary situation. SHREK 666 had to be post-gender, post-human.

2. If you were stranded on an island – and had to pick 3 other drag artists to take with you – who would they be? 

Charity Kase + Divine + Christeene

Image Credit: Tiu Makkenon

3. What country haven’t you visited (that you’d love to)? 

Never been to America someone book me in New York & LA plz.

4. What the 1 song you’ve always wanted to perform live or what’s your favorite song to perform live? 

My favourite song to perform live is either MINTY ~useless man~ on the mic or a Marie Davidson mix.

5. Tell us more about your regular shows. Where’s your “home bar”? 

I perform in the Poetry Club in Glasgow most often. My residency is with the night Shoot Your Shot & that’s where I feel a sense of community & inclusivity locally.

Image Credit: Alessandro Merlo

6. What your craziest party trick or on-stage gag?

I got the crucifixion tattooed on my left arse cheek to a live audience in a millionaires gaff in soho. The gag is my ass. The other cheek says says 666 cuz lyf is all about balance.

7. How’d you get your drag name? Is there a story behind it?

One night I was Praying to Satan and all I could hear was “SHREK! SHREK! SHREK!” I realised he was communicating back. The name was a gift and so I took his initials and he took my soul and we lived happily ever after.

8. If you weren’t doing drag, what would you be doing? 

I’d still be working as an artist. I’d like to go into prosthetics & special fx for film. I still make exhibition based work & maintain a performance practice outside of drag. In another life maybe I wrote erotica or was a painter.

9. If you could click your fingers and have one thing done for you every day, what would it be and why? 

I’d get a nice sub slave to tidy up the swamp OR I’d clone myself. I’m always needing an extra set of hands.

10. What is the wackiest, weirdest or most cringeworthy thing that’s ever happened while you were performing? 

I have no answer for this you need to come to a show.


You can keep up with SHREK 666’s latest gigs in the app – which is now available on Android an iOS. Miss our last “Werkin’ It Out” interview? Find it here. Artist that wants to be featured? Get in touch. You could be the next amazing drag artist to be featured in Werkin’ It Out!

Feature Images (insert photos only): 1st Tiu Makkenon & 2nd Alessandro Merlo.

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