Werkin’ It Out with The Crossy

This week, we got to know the winner of Gold Rush Series 3’s “Most Congenial Person” – the incredibly talented The Crossy – a definitive member of the UK scene’s of out-of-this-world drag performers.

This drag artist gives it their all on stage, and it shows. Thankfully, we got to take a look behind the curtain and learn more about what makes this artist tick and what inspires the incredible art they bring to their fans time after time.  Find out more about this unique and electric artist in this week’s “Werkin’ It Out“.

Werkin’ It Out with The Crossy

1. What inspired you to start doing drag?

I just always knew I wanted to spend my life on stage. All I ever want to do is sing, entertain, tell jokes, support my community, and look pretty. I think our job as drag things, creatures, and entertainers is to provide the Queer community with a relief from the oppression we face in our everyday lives, while also using our stage time and voice to affect positive social change. To me, Drag is the art form of Queer rebellion through performance, and that’s why it’s what I love to do.

2. If you were stranded on an island – and had to pick 3 other drag artists to take with you – who would they be?

I would definetely ask my good friend Chiyo to come along. They are an icon and inspiration to me and they’ve always got something uplifting and meaningful to say. I would spend hours talking to them, which would be a dream since they are very busy performing everywhere all the time (they’re an absolute superstar). I would also bring my friend Wanda Whatever because they are one of the smartest and most resourceful people I know, and they’ll probably be the one to fetch the food. Lastly I would ask my darling Visa Reasons cause she’s one of the funniest people I know and has the most beautiful voice, I could spend days listening to her sing! This is also a sick lineup for any show so #BookUs, thank you.

The Crossy 1
Image by: @capturedbycorinne

3. What country haven’t you visited (that you’d love to)? 

As a big fan of country music, the next destination on my bucket list is Tennessee. I need to see Dollywood before I die! Though I would love to visit all of the US, mainly California and Texas.

4. What’s the 1 song you’ve always wanted to perform live or what’s your favorite song to perform live? 

My favourite song to perform live is an original song I wrote called “I’m not a drag queen” which is basically a diss track about straight white people coming to queer spaces without doing their homework first, and making a fool of themselves. The one song I always wanted to perform is Dolly Parton’s “I am ready” which is an acapella gospel song that would only work for a really specific crowd, so I’m holding on to it for when I finally put together my travelling Dolly tribute show when I’m like 50 or something.

5. Tell us more about your regular shows. Where’s your “home bar”? 

You can catch me hosting “Country Fried Karaoke” at The Karaoke Hole once or twice a month. I also have a monthly cabaret show with my drag family, The Drag Goons, at Matchstick Theatre in Deptford. I also regularly host WIMP, one of the best queer parties in London. Every other gig usually comes up a day before and it’s in some random place so follow me on Dragr to stay up to date! *wink*

Crossy 1
Image by: @harmonyhalo

6. What’s your craziest party trick or on-stage gag? 

One of my most popular numbers is this song I wrote called “Douche”, about halfway through the act I take a big dildo covered in Nutella out of my panties and people always seem to believe the dildo was actually up my chimney lol!

7. How’d you get your drag name? Is there a story behind it?

My drag name is a slur that I reclaimed. Growing up in rural Italy, homophobic and transphobic people were trying to ruin my life on a daily basis. I couldn’t possibly leave the house without getting all sorts of horrible words shouted at me, or worse. People would get pretty creative with their insults but I always felt none of them were accurate. I called myself Crossy to remind myself to be proud of who I am and what I do, and that no matter what people call me, it doesn’t define who i really am.

8. If you weren’t doing drag, what would you be doing? 

I guess I would just be bartending full time haha! I don’t really have any other career options lined up, I’m a high school dropout. I guess I would be attempting to become a singer or a model but I would find a way to turn that into drag too! I’m in too deep!

9. If you could click your fingers and have one thing done for you every day, what would it be and why?

It would be well lush if someone would cook me healthy meals everyday since I always end up spending all my money on takeaways and then regretting it. Oh, and also someone to laser all the hair off my face so I never have to shave again, that would be the dream!

10. What is the wackiest, weirdest or most cringeworthy thing that’s ever happened while you were performing? 

I do this act where I lipsync to 4 and a half minutes of Trisha Paytas mukbanging chicken wings, towards the end I’m supposed to pretend to choke on the chicken and one time I really did! It was so scary but everyone thought I was acting and I almost died lol.


You can keep up with all of The Crossy’s latest gigs in the app – which is now available on Android an iOS. Miss our last “Werkin’ It Out” interview? Find it here. Artist that wants to be featured? Get in touch. You could be the next amazing drag master to be featured in Werkin’ It Out!

Feature Image (insert photo only): @harmonyhalo.

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