New to the App: The Latest Updates on Dragr

This week, we added more than 200 events from artists all across the globe. In London – we added viewing parties for The Vivienne, Baga Chipz and more. While in Nashville – we added 3 nights of Halloween horror (featuring the Boulet Brothers) that no ghoul will want to miss.

Here’s a quick summary of just a few of the new events and artists that we added this week. Take a look, take a browse, and find the perfect gig to make your Halloween as festive as it should be.

Image Credit: Boulet Brothers

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a complete list of updated events and artists. To see the full spread, download the app on iOS and Android.

This week on the Dragr app:

  • Sonique @ Oilcan Harry’s (Austin, TX)
  • Chad Michaels @ Play Dance Bar (Nashville, TN)
  • The MADD Tea Party ft. Maddelyn Hatter (Portland, OR)
  • Los Angeles Halloween Ball ft. Trixie Mattel (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Halloqueen ft. Tatianna (Greenville, SC)
  • Nebraska Winter Pride ft. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (Lincoln, NE)
  • What a Drag Mondays ft. CJ Banks & RuJazzle (Edinburgh, UK)
  • PORN IDOL ft. Alyssa Edwards (London, UK)
  • Meet & Greet ft. Nina West (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Extra Sweet ft. Shuga Cain (Portland, OR)
  • Dragtastic Bubbly Brunch: Halloween Special ft. Jasmine Masters (Palm Springs, CA)
  • BLAH ft. Trinity the Tuck (Knoxville, TN)
  • Chad Michaels @ Hamburger Mary’s (Clearwater, FL)
  • Sunday Funday ft. Jade Jolie (Greenville, SC)
  • Drag Show ft. Ariel Versace (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Scarlet Saturdays ft. Willam (Honolulu, HI)
  • EuroDrag Contest ft. Linda Gold (Benidorm, Spain)
  • Hellbent ft. Bearberry McQueen (Glasgow, UK)


Are you a drag artist that wants to start promoting your events on our app? Get in touch using the form over on our artist site. We support drag artists of all aesthetics and genders. If it’s drag – we want to see you thrive. Get in touch.

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