No limit to her rise says Trixie Mattel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re familiar with the larger-than-life, live-in-plastic drag artist Trixie Mattel (commonly known as Tracy Martel in intimate circles). The Barbie with a spiked tongue is one of the most popular drag acts going, and there’s no limits to how far her fame can stretch according to the country songstress.

“I don’t ever feel limited. The world is changing and loosening this idea that drag is for gay people,” said Mattel, speaking to Digital Spy.

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Trixie shot to fame after premiering on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, managing to go on and bag her own TV show, make-up line, and even a documentary, along with the All-Stars season 3 crown – making her one of the most well-rounded RPDR alumni.

“My goal with my work is whether or not I am dressed up, ‘Is this joke funny, is this song good?'” she said. 

“My goal is to make it good, even if I’m not dressed up. Even if you don’t like drag you can still say, ‘That was funny’, or, ‘That song was good’. 

While she might have struggled with her new-found-fame once upon a time, Trixie said that she’s embracing this new power and the journey it’s taking her on.

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“I used to have imposter syndrome but the more crazy A-List things I go to, like I was just presenting at the MTV Movie Awards and I was like, ‘No, I am f**king in this because I am a superstar like everyone else here’.

“That’s how RuPaul feels, that’s how RuPaul pushed through all that 30 years ago,” she added.

Trixie will be making her first DragWorld appearance this fall, alongside other legends like Violet Chachki, Willam and her season 7 sister – Ginger Minj. When it comes to the Skinny Legend, she says she can’t wait to meet her fans.

“I know it’s Hollywood and we’re all supposed to be like, ‘I’m just a person and I never wanted this and it just happened’. I always wanted to be famous, I always wanted to be a performer and I always wanted to be the pretty girl in school and Trixie makes it all possible,” she said. Just don’t touch her hair.

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“That is my main thing, it’s the fastest way, when I feel that hand on hair, that makes me go, ‘Oh, God’. 

“I love it, when I’m on tour and people are mobbing the tour bus, I love it, I feel so cool. I’ll sign everything and take any picture.”

DragWorld 2019 takes place on the 17th & 18th of August at the Olympia London, and Trixie will take to the UK, Irish and European stages again in 2020 with her new one woman show.

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